A few words about me & my approach

Hi, my name is Piotr Komorowski

On a daily basis I'm CEO of Velg Group, a consulting company delivering IT cloud solutions. I'm a member of Business Council of Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz. From time to time, I meet with students and talk about Big Data, Business Intelligence & Internet of Things.

I love the mood of Norway and most of my projects are inspired by the beauty of this country.

By the way, I run my 24/7 Comorland Radio Station with house beats. Every Thursday evening from 21:00 CET to midnight you can hear me live. Enjoy :-)


My approach

Design & photography is my territory of mind freedom.

I don't do many projects. If you do much stuff, it's very easy to loose the freshness. However, if I take a project, I keep engaged and try to deliver a good result. 

Simplicity combined with a little of twist is the key. I don't paint, I like shapes.




No awards, have never applied for any.

But once, I won a country-wide competition in Norway for a best photo from holiday in Norway. It was organized by largest food chain in Norway - RIMI and the picture below got most of the votes from people accross Norway.

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